Mawai Carbon Industries

India is one of the largest coconut producer in the world. Kerala, the first state in the production of coconut .the word Kerala literary means the land of coconuts.

We Mawai Carbon Industries(MCI), started our business in 2000 ,supplying the coconut shells to bakery and restaurants as a foul ,even before the industrial impact of coconut shells was known.

After the Year 2001 the demand for the coconut shell was increased rapidly due to the ample arrival of multi national activated carbon manufacturers in india and established their factories in southindia.

In the year 2002, we started to produce charcoal using coconut shells and registered under the name “Mawai Carbon industries”. And started to supply our product to major Activated carbon companies such as Indo Germ Carbon limited, Core Carbons and Jacobi carbons.

we are proud that Mawai Carbon industries were the first to establish the production of charcoal using coconut shell in Kerala.

Today we are manufacturing 600 to 900 tons of charcoals per month through small units of different locations in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Indonesia. We are also manufacturing briquettes using charcoal.

Charcoal various in quality on the basis of, type of coconut palm, growing region, climates, soil quality, etc,

For making Mawai briquettes, Charcoal will be selected carefully based on their carbon content, Hardness, Heat value, Ash content, Region, etc thus we are confident to assure you our briquettes is the best in quality .

Enquiries for trade, as well as long term tie-ups are welcome.

Our salient features as follows:-

  • We produce 30 metric tons of charcoal per day
  • We are using only selected charcoal for produce high quality briquettes
  • Mawai briquettes made with 96%of pure coconuts shells charcoal and 4%food grade vegetables starch binder
  • There are no chemicals, or additives used, therefore it is perfectly safe for barbecue
  • No smell ,no smoke, very little ash
  • Burns hotter and lasting longer than other coal based briquettes.
  • Our own charcoal production units in various part of South India and Indonesia
  • We provide Premium Quality Product and Strict Quality Control According To International Standards and keep a Close Relationship with Customers.